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We are father’s rights advocates. We protect and advance the rights of divorced or unmarried men.

Fathers’ Rights and Children:

Fathers technically have the same legal rights as mothers. In reality, though, fathers are often treated differently than mothers when it comes to parenting time, decision-making authority and regarding financial issues, such as child support, maintenance (alimony), and division of property, especially if the child lives primarily with the mother, which is common.

If you are a divorced or unmarried father you need to be especially vigilant to ensure that you have adequate and regular parenting time in order to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with your child. Numerous studies have proven that a child whose father remains active and involved in his or her life grows up healthier emotionally, socially and intellectually and will be more successful as an adult.

Unfortunately, a divorced or unmarried father often gets less parenting time with his child than is necessary to stay actively involved in that child’s life. We can help.

In addition to parenting time, fathers need to ensure that they retain decision-making authority regarding important issues affecting their child such as school choice, religious education, sports, music and arts, vacations, and numerous other decisions.

Unfortunately, judges regularly deny or restrict a father’s decision-making authority because the child lives primarily with mom or, ironically, because mom has not voluntarily shared decision-making authority in the past. We help protect our client’s right to exercise this important component of parenting rights and responsibilities.


Maintenance, Child Support, and Other Financial Issues:

The financial impact of a divorce, child support or maintenance dispute usually lasts for many years. Child support lasts until the youngest child turns 19 or becomes legally emancipated. Maintenance can potential last for the remainder of your life.

There are typically over 20,000 divorces in the State of Colorado every year and men are the primary wage earners in approximately two-thirds of those cases.

As a result, usually the father and/or divorced husband is the one paying child support and maintenance.

We are experts in helping divorced and unmarried men address and resolve these and other financial issues ethically and in compliance with all legal limitations while keeping your best interests in mind.

Please refer to our separate pages on Maintenance, Child Support and Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements.

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