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Why Would I Want A Marital Agreement?

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When most people think of marital agreements, they assume that it is a precursor to divorce. However, that isn't always the case. A marital agreement can actually be very beneficial to a marriage. It is important to know the benefits of having a marital agreement and how it can help your marriage, as it may inform your decision to have one in place. Denver Family Lawyers can also go over what exactly a marital agreement is and how you can get one started.

What Are Marital Agreements?

There are two different types of marital agreements. The first type is a prenuptial agreement, which is an agreement that is created before you get married. The second type of marital agreement is a postnuptial agreement, which is an agreement that is created after you are already married. Both types of agreements can be very beneficial to your marriage.

What Are The Benefits?

Many couples use marital agreements as a way to protect their assets in the event of a divorce. Marital agreements can also be used to establish ground rules for the marriage. For example, you and your spouse may decide that you will never take on debt without consulting each other first. This can be extremely helpful in preventing financial problems down the road.

Another benefit of a marital agreement is that it can help you avoid conflict in your marriage. If you and your spouse have different opinions on how to handle finances, a marital agreement can help set clear boundaries and expectations. This can save you both a lot of time and energy arguing about money matters.

How Do You Arrange a Martial Agreement?

If you are considering a marital agreement, it is important to consult with an experienced family law attorney. The team at Denver Family Lawyers can help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of a marital agreement and can help you draft an agreement that is fair to both parties.

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