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Bristol Palin Wins Child Support Case

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More than a year after her son was born, Bristol Palin has finally received the court order she needed to collect money from her son’s father, Levi Johnston.

An Alaska judge recently awarded Bristol Palin, daughter of ex-Vice Presidential candidate Sarah

Palin, interim child support for her son Tripp.

Palin had been asking Johnston to pay $1,750 a month in child support, but Johnston claimed his income was too erratic to meet those demands.

The judge apparently disagreed, and ordered Johnston to not only pay Palin $1,600 a month in child support but also $18,000 for child support he hasn’t paid over the last year. The judge also granted Palin the right to subpoena Johnston’s commercial earnings.

Despite this child support battle, Palin’s attorney said Bristol and Levi have decided to put aside their differences and put their son first. Although Palin has both physical and legal custody of Tripp, her and Johnston have made arrangements for him to see the child on Saturdays, and they are both working on a more regular custody and visitation arrangement. Palin’s attorney said the exes are working on getting everything in place so it’s ready for their next court appearance, which has been scheduled for September 23.

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