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How Can I Create a Parenting Plan That Works?

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A parenting plan is one of the most important documents to create when navigating child custody. However, it can be overwhelming to develop this document. Many different components are required to make a parenting plan that is effective and helpful for all involved. This blog will review what should be in these plans and provide tips for creating a parenting plan that is effective in the long run.

What Should Be Included?

When constructing a parenting plan, a few essential components need to be included. It is important to consider each of these components carefully.

Living Arrangements & Schedules

The first component is living arrangements. This includes deciding who the children will live with and when and details about holidays and vacations. Of course, the custody agreement will ultimately shape what visitation schedules look like.

In Colorado, custody is not simply divided 50/50. What is best for the child is always considered above all else. If it is best for the child to spend more time with one parent, then the parenting plan will reflect that. Furthermore, it is possible for these living arrangements to change over time.

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Communication Plans

A comprehensive parenting plan should also include information about how parents can communicate with each other and their kids, such as through phone or video calls. By having these stipulations in place, it will be easier to effectively send messages and make decisions regarding your child’s care.

Here’s a tip: try downloading a co-parenting app to assist with communication and scheduling. Many different types of apps allow you to incorporate schedules and other important information in one place.

Financial Commitments

Finances are important for any parents, but it is especially vital for co-parents to be on the same page about expenses. Who will pay for school supplies? Who is responsible for monitoring insurance coverage? What amount of custody is owed to the custodial parent monthly? These are all issues that will be covered during the divorce and should also remain in the parenting plan.

How to Create an Effective Plan

Creating an effective parenting plan may be a challenging task, but it is possible with a specific approach.

Communicate Honestly

When crafting an effective parenting plan, communication is key. Both parties must be willing to negotiate and compromise on various aspects of the plan to come up with something that works best for everyone involved, especially the children.

Put Emotions to the Side

It is essential to keep emotions out of it and focus instead on practical solutions that will benefit both parties in the long run. Additionally, it can help to involve a mediator or third party who can help negotiate between both sides so they can reach an agreement without too much contention or strife.

Work With Experienced Attorneys

While it is true that a mediator can help immensely with the creation of a parenting plan, it is vital to have an attorney to represent the interests of parents and their children. An experienced family law attorney can help individuals navigate these complicated legal matters.

Always Put the Children First

Regardless of what parents want in the parenting plan, it should always reflect the needs of the child first. Furthermore, if they are old enough to contribute to the conversation, they may have a say in the process.

Work With Denver Family Lawyers in Denver, CO

Creating a parenting plan during divorce can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming or stressful if the proper steps are taken. By understanding the components needed for an effective parenting plan, divorcing parents can craft an agreement that works best for them and their children in the long term. With patience and open communication between both parties, a successful parenting plan can be created quickly with minimal stress or conflict involved throughout the process. Reach out to Denver Family Lawyers to get started on your plan today.

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