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Why Do Parents Have to Pay Child Support?

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When it comes to the topic of child support, many parents wonder why it is that they have to make payments every month. This is especially true if they are making the payments to an ex-spouse or partner. This can cause a father or a mother to become frustrated, but a lot of that frustration stems from not having an understanding of Denver family law.

The truth is, when a person becomes a parent, he/she has a legal responsibility to his/her child. As a parent, the person is responsible for ensuring that his/her child’s day-to-day needs are meant. Child support payments are meant to provide for children’s daily needs, such as housing, food, clothing, insurance, and education.

If one parent has sole child custody of a child or has the child more than 50% of the time, that parent may receive child support payments from the non-custodial parent. When child support payments are made, the money is supposed to be applied toward the needs of the child, not toward the needs of the parent.

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