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There is More to a Relationship than Money

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A man wound up in court for a divorce and insisted that he had been a good husband and father. He did not want a divorce. As proof, he noted that he had provided all the money his wife and children needed to live materially-rich lives.

According to the Honorable Judge Anne Kass whose courtroom this man wound up in, he believed that because he had provided money, he had met his responsibilities and obligations as a parent and spouse. What he didn’t realize was that in order to be a truly successful parent and spouse, time must also be set aside for other responsibilities. If one doesn’t do this, (whether it be the husband or the wife,) there will be little or no creativity happening in the marriage. A marriage requires activities like being at school functions, creating family recreational time or time just hanging out with the spouse and kids.

If the “good provider” does not invest time in the family as well, he will not be considered a success at home, no matter how many cars he provides. ”Good providers” often insist that they ought not be divorced if they don’t want to be but Judge Kass brought to light the point that when the divorce does occur, the family members often do not feel any particular regret as the “good provider” was gone a majority of the time anyway.

Judge Kass’s view in matters such as these: “People need to know that money is not what it takes to keep a marriage intact. It takes time and energy and love.”

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