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Social Media And Divorce: Do Not Overshare

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Do you use social media to share things about your personal life with others? Do you post information, complaints, comments, personal items or gossip to your Facebook wall? Do you tweet them? Are you one of the millions of bloggers?

If you do post or tweet or blog, you are in good company. But before you decide to share the details of your divorce, consider taking a step back. Think about how your vitriol towards another person will look to mutual friends, to family, to your coworkers, or to anyone who might stumble across it. Think about what your children may someday read.

And, if you do decide to write about it? Stay cool. As tempting as it may be to bash your ex via one of your online outlets, don’t. Do not threaten them, do not trash them, do not share private information, do not air their – or your – dirty laundry. It is so tempting to vent, but things you post can be saved forever –even if you delete them later, there are screenshots and caches that can easily snagged by someone and saved. Instead, pick up the phone to a friend, make a coffee date or schedule a counseling appointment. Talk to a live person, get some outside perspective, and don’t leave your “in the moment” mood for all to see.

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