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Complex Property Division in Colorado

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Divorce is never an easy process. After all, no one gets married with the expectation that they will one day have to dissolve the marriage and part ways. Unfortunately, it happens, and not every couple can make a marriage work. In addition to the emotional aspect of things, however, divorce can be complicated when it comes to dividing property. The state of Colorado has equitable distribution laws, which means that property is divided equitably though not necessarily equally.

When Property Division Becomes Complex

While even relatively simple property division cases can easily become more complicated, there are generally certain types of property division that are typically considered complex. If the spouses share a business or own jointly titled property, things can get a little hairy. Below are some examples of what might make property division in a divorce case complex:

  • Pension plans, retirement accounts, and investment accounts
  • Stock options
  • Real estate, such as homes, vacation properties, and investment properties
  • Division and the evaluation of businesses, whether they are owned jointly or individually
  • Special circumstances, including offshore accounts, hidden assets, or inheritances

How the Court Divides Property

In Colorado, once the spouses’ assets have been identified, the Colorado court will need to divide the marital property equitably between the spouses. They will take the following into consideration when dividing property:

  • Any factors that might have contributed to either party's reduced earning capacity as a result of delayed career opportunities, education, or training throughout the marriage
  • The income and assets of both spouses, which includes each party’s share of the marital property once fairly divided by the court
  • Each spouse's ability to become financially independent or to obtain the training to do so
  • Each spouse's overall health and age
  • How long the marriage lasted
  • Other factors that might be pertinent for the court reach a decision

Family Law Attorneys in Denver

If you have recently made the decision to proceed with a divorce and end your marriage, now is the time for you to obtain the help of a skilled legal professional. At Denver Family Lawyers, our divorce attorneys have the knowledge, skill, experience, and compassion to guide you through this emotional experience. No matter how complex your case might be, we have the insight to effectively handle it and secure the best possible results.

Get started on your case today and contact us at (303) 225-3343 to request your free initial case evaluation with one of our divorce attorneys.

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