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How Parental Responsibility May Play into Vaccinating Your Child for COVID-19

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Who Decides to Immunize?

With the COVID-19 vaccine gradually being developed for people under age 18, questions on whether or not to vaccinate these young people still linger. For a divorced couple, this decision becomes a bit more complicated. In a co-parenting situation, who gets to decide whether or not a child receives this vaccine? Here’s what you need to know.

Colorado Custody

Parents divorcing in Colorado must determine both physical and legal custody. While physical custody simply refers to where the child resides, legal custody is what gives a parent the ability to make a decision on behalf of their child on issues such as medical issues or school activities. The decision on whether or not to receive a vaccination falls under legal custody.

Who Decides?

The responsibility to decide on vaccination falls on the parent that has legal custody of the child. While this is easy to determine if only one parent has legal custody, many times co-parents share legal custody, meaning both parents can make medical decisions for the child. There must be a solution should the parents disagree on whether or not to vaccinate the child.

One option to come to a resolution is for the parents to attend mediation. This option provides a neutral third party to work with the parents to come to an agreement on vaccination.

Should mediation fail to produce a resolution, however, then a court hearing is likely. At this hearing, both parents will present their arguments in front of a judge, who will then make a determination based upon the evidence and reasoning provided.

Use a Colorado Custody Attorney

Child custody and parental responsibility issues are sensitive and should be handled with care and zeal. Working with a family law attorney ensures a current custody agreement is adhered to while any issues are worked out. Denver Family Lawyers has worked with numerous clients regarding their custody situations and wants to help you come to a solution with your case.

Call our Colorado family law attorneys today at (303) 225-3343 or visit us online to schedule your consultation.

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