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How Long Do I Have to Wait for a Colorado Divorce?

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Waiting for The Next Chapter

Getting a divorce can be a lengthy process when factoring in the time it takes to work out a settlement agreement or go through litigation. Add in the waiting period mandated by Colorado law, and you might be looking at a process that takes several months to complete.

Here are important factors to keep in mind when considering the length of a divorce:

Waiting Periods

The primary factor to keep in mind when considering the length of divorce is Colorado’s mandatory waiting period. Colorado has a waiting period of 91 days from the time of filing that a couple must use to work through marital issues or to reconcile. For couples that are able to agree on all marital issues, this is the shortest possible time frame that a divorce in Colorado could have.

Marital Issues

However, many couples may take longer because of the complexity surrounding marital issues such as child support, child custody, spousal support, and property division. Within the 91 day waiting period, couples should use this time to try and work out these issues while providing the court with mandatory documentation such as financial affidavits. The more contention present in the divorce, the more likely additional time may be required to iron out these issues.

A couple may also be required to attend mediation during this waiting period, and depending on how successful those sessions are, additional sessions may be required and will inevitably add time to the divorce.

Unique Circumstances

Each couple getting a divorce faces unique circumstances that render an average divorce time impossible to calculate. While the shortest possible divorce can take a little over 3 months if all issues are agreed upon, others have determined that it’s reasonable to expect a Colorado divorce to take at least 6 months from the date of file to the date the divorce becomes finalized. Others state one could face a full year of working through issues. How long your divorce takes depends on the unique circumstances surrounding your case.

Working With a Divorce Attorney

Someone who would like to get a divorce over with as quickly as possible may benefit from working with a divorce attorney who can guide them throughout each step of the process while protecting their rights in settlement negotiations. At Denver Family Lawyers, we know that divorce is stressful and filled with intricacies that can be complicated. This is why we’re here to help you unweave the tangled web to get you started on your next chapter of life.

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